Introducing; The First Dress I Made For Myself

5:23:00 pm

I know!! I went MIA again but with good reasons. June was the craziest month I've had so far this year but I made it through. Thank God! Juggling work, tailoring classes and house chores isn't the easiest combination in the least bit so blogging had to take the backseat for a short while. Pardon my absence pleaseee!

A very Happy July to you my darlings! 2017 is gradually coming to an end and I'm so grateful for growth and progress. Thanks to everyone who clicks a link to my blog every now and then. I really appreciate your support and encouragement.

Today, I'm introducing the first dress I made for myself. This would have come earlier if I had a sewing machine at home but notwithstanding, I made it. The joy I felt seeing my completed work cannot be described. I believe any creative person out there can relate.

So far, tailoring has proved to be more interesting than I had imagined and I'm glad I ventured into it. I plan on getting a sewing machine this month so get ready to see more creations from me. It's been an exciting journey so far and I'm enjoying the process. Hope you like my dress? Please feel free to share your thoughts with me in the comments section.

I'll be back very soon with a random facts about me post. Next month will mark my 2 years anniversary of blogging and I want you to know a little bit more about Evita.

Have a super duper week ahead!

xx, Evita.

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  1. I love your dress girl! I think wearing a white shirt underneath would have taken this look to a whole other level. And I can totally relate to your excitement and the feeling of accomplishment, I experience that often with my blog and also when I made my first skirt. I am also hoping to get a new sewing machine too. Looking forward to seeing more of your creations as well.

    Princess Audu

    1. Thank you so much Sarah! Its like you read my mind as regards the white shirt😄 I plan on styling it for another post. Great minds think alike yeah?
      I'm also looking forward to seeing what you come up with when your sewing machine arrives. Anticipating! 💃
      I always appreciate your comments.

  2. Lovely dress,can't wait to see more of your creations.