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Hey everyone!😊 How's life been treating you? Its amazing how I lose track of time these days. I just checked my last post and it's 4 weeks old!😥 Evita, well done oh😒 *side eyes at me* 🙈 So this post has been hanging in my drafts for more than a week now. Oh well! It's time to let it out.😃

I'm not one to talk about politics. Anyone who knows me well knows I try to avoid discussing anything that has do to with it, especially Nigerian politics. I have my reasons. But that's not the essence of this post.

The fact that I dislike politics doesn't mean I shut my eyes to it. I observe. I've been observing. You see, one thing about Nigerian politicians is that they're very skilled at sweet talking. They're so full of promises. Making the citizens believe that the grass is always greener at their end. They're very good liars.

Being a History major, I drew my conclusion over the years that Nigeria attained her independence too early and for the wrong reasons. Since the British left us to rule over ourselves, it's been a bumpy ride all the way till date.

Our constitution has made the system of leadership so easy and comfortable. Our leaders are entitled to ridiculous allowances and privileges. It's as if when one is elected to lead, its a one way ticket to wealth! That's why rivals can afford to kill themselves during elections just so they can be the last one standing. Dirty game, politics.

We are a people who are easily swayed and our politicians take advantage of it. When it's time for election, the opposition comes armed with propaganda. Bad mouths the interim government, highlighting all its failures and promises to make things better if they're elected into power. They get elected and its the same old story all over again. Promises are broken and we're let down.

At the moment, I don't feel pity for us as a nation. I only feel pity for those who've lost their lives in the past few weeks all in a bid to get petrol due to its scarcity. We don't even help ourselves! Some people are making money from this situation, ripping others off in the black market. Bravo! Great business sense.

Until we make political offices less appealing and convenient, until we get rid of tribalism and religious sentiments, until we begin to tell ourselves the truth, until we start to love our neighbors as ourselves, we will cease to grow as a nation. Credibility would continue to be far from us. Our children yet unborn will come to know an unstable society. Until we realize that the much desired CHANGE starts in our homes, families, communities and most importantly, within us as individuals, then we would continue to fall prey to these con men poised as politicians.

Nevertheless, we shouldn't relent in our prayers. Let's continue to pray for peace and for a revival in our nation. I believe it will get better. God bless Nigeria.

xo, Evita.

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  1. Been a while. Let's keep praying for the country. Nice write-up.😊

    1. Yep yep! Let's keep believing and having faith. Thanks Miguel.

  2. I studied History too, nice to see a scholarly colleague. The truth is we as Nigerians quickly forget. We are too emotional and sentimental with politics and till we start bin objective, these politicians will keep playing us. Like u said, let's keep believing. I know Nigeria will be great someday.

    So I decided to write a long fiction, long story. Read, and share with friends. Hope you enjoy it.

    The lady watched the children closely and bid her time. She was not in a hurry; she was more interested in results. She knew enough about how people goofed when they weren’t patient enough. She wondered if nobody ever told them patience is a virtue. It was a good thing she had common sense. From her position behind the willow trees – which formed a hedge around the entrance of the park – she could see the children.
    Continue here:

    1. Hi Ife! Nice to have a fellow Historian on here 😊 would definitely check out your blog.Thanks for your contribution.

  3. Oh yeah prayers is just d key

  4. Welcome back beautiful oh how I missed reading your post eish actually I m like you politics is not my cup of tea but there is an exaggeration on how our leader today put things together and even in my country same things it even getting worse only God' knows actually nice read thank you

  5. Politics everywhere are just the same... Just wish our leaders would be more honest, even to themselves

  6. Like you said, we should keep praying. Then, if we truely desire change, we must personify it - let the change start from us.

    Nice piece. Please don't stay away this long again, you hear?

  7. @Yanes, I missed having you here darl! I guess all politicians are the same though.but we'll keep up the faith. ☺

    @Theresa, I don't think they even know what the word honesty means. Thanks for stopping by.☺

    @Ugo,yes oh, it starts with us. I promise not to stay away this long again. April was a tough month for me but thank God for His faithfulness.😊


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