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"Tick says the clock, tick, tick! What you have to do, do quick!" This is what's currently resounding in my head as I type this post because I was supposed to do this like a week ago. Oh well, I'm here now. Forgive me though. How have you been? Let's face it, the year is gone already. I'm no longer surprised at how fast October zoomed off...time is on a jet plane after all.

In my last post here I mentioned something about my outfit causing a quarrel at home. So I'm here to tell you what really happened and to also know your take on the issue.  

If you've been following my blog for a while, you'll know that I just recently started my fashion/style segment. For my shoots, I usually meet up with my friend who takes me pictures at a location that's approximately 20 minutes away from home. Now, on this day, I wore a pair of dungarees and was ready to set out. My mum was home at the time and as usual, she had something to say about my outfit. In her words, "Is this thing not too short?" My response, "No, it's not". And a "hmmmm" followed. I knew trouble was lurking around closely but I chose to ignore because I knew what I had on was decent enough.

When I got back home, the showdown began. My mum was furious that I actually went out wearing what I wore and that I should be weary about what 'people' would say. Then my dad chipped in and said that there was nothing absolutely wrong with my outfit and it was quite a debate that evening that left me in tears.

Now, I'm not one to show skin(cleavage, a little bit of boobs/side boobs) and to me, that's decent enough. I have nothing against shorts as I have quite a few of them coz I feel there's no harm in showing a bit of my legs. It took me years to build my self confidence as regards my legs and now, I'm at this level where I'm very comfortable showing them off.

What really is the benchmark for decency? Does it mean that I'm an irresponsible person for showing a bit of legs or is this just a major stereotype among quite a huge number of African parents playing out here?  Or is this one of those things you have to endure while staying with your parents in your mid twenties? Because, really, I felt like a teenager who was being scolded for having bad grades in school on that particular day.

I have my reservations but let me save them for another day. Please let me know what you think in the comments section. I'm looking forward to your opinions on this.

See you in November.
xo, Evita.

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  1. This story got me laughing hard as i was reading. I was just imagining the scene mum would have created in your home and dad coming to your defence. I have been in your situation many times. Its a normal thing for most young ladies and mum

    Truth is, your outfits in your last post is very much ok.

    I quite understand your mum's point of view, she probably felt bad that you ''disrespected'' her by still going out with those, and also, she thinks what others say should be considered..

    If you want to go ahead in life, and you keep considering what people would say if you did this or that, you would be stuck on one position.

    You look good jare...

  2. Lol! It was quite a funny scenario looking back at it now.😂 and you said exactly what my older sister told me. That probably she felt 'disrespected' that I still left the house knowing she didn't like what I wore. So true what you said in your last paragraph.
    Thank you so much Brenda. I really appreciate your comment.

  3. Lol. Sounds like something my mum might do and I guess it's probably the stereotype and all. I agree with the fact that she probably felt disrespected. Love the dungarees.

    1. Hehehe!! Hmmm...Now I know better.Thanks a lot Olaa.

  4. lol!!! My mum does the same also, I just say ehhh I like it.. lol and she preaches later on. But honestly I don't listen.. It's an African parent thing. I also do not like the show cleavage and wear really short outfits. But our 'african' parents definition of short is very different from ours. Just get use to it. If you're comfortable with it please wear it.
    I trust our dad's to always have our back.

    Tega Enai Blog
    Fashion| Lifestyle | Everything In Between

    1. Hahahaha!!@ "ehh, I like it". I say that a lot too and she ends up preaching as well but that day was different. Thank God for cool dads! Talk about being African and Nigerian, its not easy. Thanks for stopping by Tega.

  5. Well the point is, basically fashion has evolved and most of our parents grew up under very strict environments regarding dressing so its hard to change their perspective. Nevertheless,some parents are a bit laid back so as far as you are confident that you wont cause a reproachful stir with any outfit you put on when going out. Then you are on the right track.

    1. Exactly!I call it a generational gap. Thanks a lot for stopping by Tunde.

  6. While I wouldn't say there is a benchmark for decency, I think it all boils down to your upbringing and location. Though a lot of people don't care. When I moved back home, I gave up a lot of my shorter items. Firstly because my parents are more conservative than I am(you can imagine that) and secondly because I detest the kind of attention I receive from certain clothing items. At the end of the day it all depends on you though. My mom and I still go back and forth on my style and I thought I was a decent dresser. Oh well, parents sha. I just say mommy I've heard you whenever she starts but like you I always feel like a little child.

     Princess Audu 

    1. Wow. I can imagine how you felt having to give up some really cool items upon your return. And very true what you said about upbringing and location. But parents sha!lool! Thanks for sharing Sarah. I appreciate your comment.


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