Of Lemons and Lemonades

11:53:00 am

"When life hands you lemons, make lemonade." This saying/quote excites me whenever I hear it...But first, how are youuu??? Geez! I didn't realize I'd been away this long. Honestly, I've been very distracted lately. No excuses though. I'm still trying to achieve a few things before the year ends and it's not been really easy. So I've decided to calm down a bit and just go with the flow...

Now, about lemons and lemonade. Have you ever been in a situation where it seems like there's no way out and you're just stuck somewhere? I know how it feels like and I'm sure you do too coz life isn't a merry go round. We then refer to situations like this as "lemons". And when we struggle and fight our way through these situations and come out better and stronger, "lemonade" has then been made. It's an interesting analogy but let's break it down literally.

Imagine being stuck in a room where you have a table and chair, and a shelf with a lemon in it and a jug filled with water. You're broke, no hope of getting cash anytime soon and you had your last meal 2 nights ago. It's as if the universe and all its elements are working against you. There's no way out, so it seems. 

The hunger pangs are becoming unbearable and you really don't want to bother the few friends that have been of help to you lately. You feel embarrassed. You take one more look at your shelf, knowing full well its contents but you still look anyway...hoping for a miracle of some sort. Tada! The same lemon and jug of water are staring back at you. 'What type of life is this?!'

In such a situation, making a glass of lemonade is luxurious. Where's the sugar to start with? What do you do? Well, how bitter can the lemon get? You take a knife, cut it into 2 halves, squeeze the juice into a cup and dilute with water. Man must survive.

Life can be really unpredictable. There are some really tough challenges that may come our way such as this and then, there's no sugar to make a cup of lemonade. The truth is, your lemons (predicament) need no sugar to become lemonade. They can be transformed in a million and one other ways. Sugar just happens to be one of the most popular agents of transformation for your lemons but in its absence, what shall become of your lemons? Think beyond lemonade.

I'll be back soon.
xx, Evita.

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  1. Interesting explanation of this analogy and a bit confusing too. I do agree that life can be unpredictable. All the best achieving great things before the year ends.

    Princess Audu 

    1. Lol! I'm glad you found it interesting though and thanks a lot for the well wishes. I appreciate! 😊


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