25 Random Facts About Me

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Its been a year and 11 months of blogging and I can tell you it has been a fun and learning experience. I feel you all know the type of person I am from my writings but that's just a fraction of me. That's why I decided to come up with this post so you can know a little bit more about me.

I know I appear soft spoken, kinda strict(I talk like a mum sometimes.lol!) But I swear I can be so much fun too. Okay, just keep reading and be the judge.

  1. Five Ways To Win My Heart
a) Buy me books ‒  Easy guess!

b) Uninterrupted power and internet supply ‒  Because what's a blogger without these two?

c) Take me thrift shopping ‒ That's where all the gems are found. You only know if you know!

d) Give me chicken ‒  Any type of chicken except the raw one of course.

e) Be able to discuss my favourite TV shows, music and books with me ‒  I should be able to say 'Bazinga!' or talk about 'Rachel Green' and you'd understand.

2. Something I Feel Strongly About

World Peace and Good Education. I want a world free of weapons of mass destruction, nuclear weapons, wars and starvation. I want a world where children everywhere can get access to quality education and good books. I just want everyone to be happy...

3. A Book I love

Danielle Steel's 'Mirror Image'. I cried while reading it.

4. Bullet Your Whole Day

This is kinda impossible but my morning routine appears to be the same day in, day out and it goes like this;
a) Say a prayer no matter how short

b) Wake my nieces up to prepare for school

c) Brush my teeth

d) Get breakfast ready

e) Take my bath

f) Dress up and dash out

I hardly use makeup these days coz there's simply no time for that.

5. Things I want to say to an Ex

I wish you all the best in your endeavors.

6. My Views on Mainstream Music

If I can dance and sing along to it, I'm good. And the lyrics should be meaningful at least.

7. Five Pet Peeves

a) Sitting or jumping on my neatly laid bed ‒  I can legit stab you for this.

b) Eating and making smacking sounds ‒  Don't do it!!!

c) People that always touch you when they want to say something ‒  You talk with your mouth so what's with the hands???

d) A guy calling me 'baby' when we just only met ‒  Calm down bruh.

e) Slow walkers ‒  You know those people who walk in front of you and keep dragging their feet knowing full well you're in a hurry...I'll push you over for real!

8. What I ate today

Rice, beans, fish, bread, eggs and eba.

9. How Important I Think Education Is

Too important. Being educated gives you an edge in any endeavor one wishes to embark on. I pray for my parents everyday because of the quality education they gave me.

10. Put my Music player on Shuffle and Write the first 10 songs that Play

a) Ariana Grande ‒ One last time

b) The Weeknd feat. Daft Punk ‒  Star Boy

c) Wizkid feat. Drake ‒  Closer

d) Beyonce ‒  Formation

e) Kanye West feat. Daft Punk ‒  Stronger

f) Jason Derulo feat. Nicki Minaj and TY Dolla Sign ‒  Swalla

g) Sia feat. Kendrick Lamar ‒  The Greatest

h) Beyonce ‒  Partition

i) Kanye West ‒  Love Locked Down

j) Major Lazer, DJ Snake feat. Mo ‒  Lean On

11. My Family

We're 8 inclusive of my parents, sister inlaw and brother inlaw, plus four nieces and a nephew which makes us 13 altogether.

12. Five Guys Whom I find Attractive

a) Sam Claflin aka William Traynor in 'Me Before You'

b) Omari Hardwick aka Ghost in 'Power'

c) Patrick J. Adams aka Michael Ross in 'Suits'

d) Kit Harington aka Jon Snow in 'Game of Thrones'

e) Sam Claflin again! He's beautiful.

13. My opinion about my body and how comfortable I am with it

Loving it! I am healthy and that's what matters the most to me. I've figured out my style so I know what fits me which makes me worry less about clothes. In all, I'm very comfortable with the way I am.

14. What I Wore Today

Denim wrap skirt, a camisole and denim jacket. Double denim never fails.

15. My zodiac sign and if it fits my Personality

Errmm...gone are those days when I used to believe being an Aquarius determined my personality. My temperament is what I believe defines me more. I'm a PhlegMel by the way.

16. Something I always think "what if" about

What if the world ends now and I don't get the chance to get married to the love of my life and have children. LOL!

17. Something that I'm Proud of

This blog. I know the amount of work I put into it and I'm enjoying the growth process. Makes me wonder what the future holds.

18. A Problem That I've Had

I had a severe case of shark teeth aka ectopic tooth eruption as a child. This resulted in frequent trips to the dentist and having my teeth rearranged. Luckily, I didn't have to wear braces. Thank God! 

19. Three items I lust After

a) Bundles of fabric from Da Viva and Vlisco
b) Nikon D5200.
c) Samsung Galaxy S8

20. My Fears

My biggest fear is not making Heaven. This surpasses all other fears...

21. How I hope my future would be like

I want to own my own home, have a successful career and business. Be able to go on vacations to any country of my choice with my family. You know, live the champagne life. Haha! But really, I want to be financially stable and serve God to the fullest.

22. My academics

I plan on getting a Master's degree but I'm not certain about when.

23. Something that I miss

School!! All that free money...*sobs*

24. Five weird things I like

a) Locust beans
b) Raw okra
c) Cold eba
d) Overripe plantain
e) Pork meat (this is very normal where I'm from but I know it's super weird for some)

25. Somewhere I'd love to visit

Seychelles...dear future husband, take note.

Yaay!! That took longer than I expected. Hope this was a fun read? If you missed my previous post check it out here 

Be right back!
xx, Evita.

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