A Quick Update; wotsup with Evita?

4:50:00 pm

My blog turned 2 on Sunday and I didn't remember till about 10pm that day which is very unlike me. This wasn't how I envisaged that it would turn out but you know how life can be.

Some days I ask myself why I even have a blog in the first place if I can't be so consistent with it. But then, I remember why I started it all in the first place. This phase of my life isn't one I foresaw…I mean, who can predict how life happens. I'm juggling so much at a time and no day passes that I don't think about my blog and you my awesome readers. But this is one hurdle I will cross.

There's still so much work to be done here and I'm grateful for the few that are with me on this journey. I promise it'll get better. I want to take a break but for how long is the question? I'm currently writing this post at work and I plan on doing so subsequently with other posts.

I don't want to write just anything for the sake of hitting publish if not I would have a ton of posts up by now. Please bear with me, it will get better.

The funny thing is that I have posts waiting to be edited in my drafts but I can't find the peace and quietness I need to do so. All I think of in my free time is SLEEP. Honestly, I'm sleep deprived but for good reasons.

For now, I'll update the blog once a week and would try my best to stay true to it.

Thanks my darlings for sticking with me. Believe me, something massive is on the way and you'll definitely be a part of it.
With all my love,

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