Counting Blessings.

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Hey friends! Hope y'all are doing well and life isn't being so harsh on you. Well, well, well, its been six days since my last post and honestly to me it feels like a month already. In six days a lot has happened.But you've got to shake it off! Shake it off!!*in Taylor Swift's voice* I'm currently in Delta state visiting my sister who just gave birth to my cute nephew 3 months ago. I've really missed her...haven't seen her in a year. (Big Sis I know you'll read this so don't let your head swell coz I know you missed me too.*tongue out*) I've been really busy with chores and babysitting so I couldn't write anything. But I just had to share something with you today.

When I got back from Osun state where I served (NYSC), I noticed some physical changes in my appearance. I lost weight (not like I weighed so much before) and this made me feel really skinny which I dislike and then I noticed some funny looking rashes on my skin."oh, this must be Osun state's parting gift to me", I thought. If there's one thing that makes me really sad, it's seeing rashes and scars on my body. Then I remembered I have a sensitive skin. Little changes trigger rashes and other kinds of reactions on my skin and its really discomforting. So my first guess was change of environment. But I've been back for over a month now.*confused face* I told my brother (Tony) what I observed and he attributed the rashes to hormonal changes. Hmm! Engineer Doctor. Hormones from where na? That what happened? He said, "Don't pay it attention, it'll clear up". I tried to ignore my skin for days but I just couldn't. How can you even ignore your skin? Lol!

My dad noticed the change in my mood and asked what the problem was, I said, "Daddy, see my face, look at my arms, my thighs, shoulders, I don't understand this type of rashes..." With a smile on his face he replied, " Is that why you've been sad all along? Pay no mind to it and it'll stop bugging you..." But did this work? No. Although, I ignored.

A few days ago my sister noticed the rashes on my face and then I showed her the rest on other parts of my body. She told me not to worry myself that she's experienced it before. So she told me what to apply to it and the dos and donts. So far, I'm seeing a little improvement. From July to September I have bothered myself about these rashes, but did all my bothering clear them up? I let these rashes steal little moments of joy from my life but was it worth it?

Sometimes we get so caught up in such little worries and miss out on the blessings that come with each day. For those of us that have been newly launched into the unfavorable favor market(labor market), we think about securing a job. For those who have "managed" to secure one, we worry about sustaining it. We worry about family. For ladies, we worry about bad hair days, whether our outfits fit perfectly or not. We worry about the future. So many "what ifs". These thoughts/worries make us to sometimes neglect little(great) blessings like waking up in the morning, going out and coming back home in one piece, accident free. Eating and drinking with ease, walking without assistance... The list is endless. We get caught up in life's troubles and allow our little joys to be snatched away. But I've learned something.

Amidst all these troubles, why not take out 5 minutes and try to count your blessings. Like the popular hymn goes, "Count your blessings name them one by one, count your blessings see what God has done..." The blessings are innumerable. For the mere gift of life( with all its wahala) we should be happy. True happiness comes from within and like my dad would always say, "Nobody is responsible for your happiness except you. You alone can make it happen..."

Life will throw you off balance. That is just life being LIFE. I've had(still having) my fair share of ups and downs. And as humans we tend to easily forget about what we've achieved in the long run, it's always about what's next, which is a good thing as it portrays progress. But once in a while, in the midst of all the troubles, reflect on how you got to this present day and try to count your blessings.

As for the rashes, when they're ready, they would leave. I have resolved not to bother about them anymore. Its not worth it.

PS; Thanks to those who checked for new posts on here since last week Friday. I truly appreciate. I am encouraged. :)

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  1. Love your blog. Great post.

    I think we should follow each other .

  2. congrats to your sis im so jealous enjoy yr nephew love babies . yeah u disappear girl but glad to have u back.

    1. Lol! Thanks Yanes. Babies are both fun and work. I appreciate your comment :)


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