Memoirs of a Last Born- Intro.

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"Ah! You're the last born. You're enjoying o!" I've heard this countless times and I'm very sure the next person I tell about my position will say the same.(oh! I just told you.did you say the same?) Being the last child of your parents come with a lot of upsides and downsides. My fellow last borns should understand what I'm talking about or am I alone in this?
I was born into a family of 3 or rather 5, my parents inclusive. I have 3 siblings. 2 brothers (Tony and Ndidi) and a sister (Ishioma) My brothers were in their teens when I was born while my sister had just celebrated her 8th birthday two months before my arrival. According to the stories I've been told about my birth, I was a surprise baby. Hence, the name "Ogochukwu" meaning God's gift. Yes, I was and still God's gift to them.
There was a debate among my siblings before I arrived. My brothers would tease my sister, telling her I was going to be a boy. My sister who was so excited at the thought of having a baby sister, would argue with them saying I would be a girl. Finally, I arrived.
My dad was absent at my birth because he was at work in Lagos and we were in Warri. So my brother(Ndidi) stood in for him. He accompanied my mum to the hospital and did all the pacing and worrying in the labour ward corridor. My other siblings were at home preparing for my arrival. I landed. Weighing about 4kg(big baby). According to my siblings, it was like Christmas again in January when my mum came back with me. They were so overjoyed and excited, especially my sister. She now had a counterpart that would wear dresses, skirts and fancy hair ribbons with her. Her baby sis.
The arrival of a baby doesn't only come with merriment, it comes with a lot of work. I have major experience in this area because I have witnessed the birth of 4 babies. Don't ask me how yet(story for another day) So I can vividly imagine what my siblings went through and my mum is very strict. I was everybody's baby. I had numerous pet names. I was photographed a lot by my dad. He has this interest in photography so thanks to him, I have a lot of baby pictures.
Growing up in Warri was fun, even though I cannot clearly recall some events. I was very playful( I fell from a low fence once and broke my arm) but a bit shy and reserved. In short, life was "sweet". I was mummy and daddy's pet. I was given the best of everything. The baby of the house. But is life all rosy and fun? I had so many lessons to learn.
I'm writing this memoir so that other last borns can relate to it and also to show that the life of a last born is not so full of "enjoyment". We also have our tough times, expectations from parents and siblings. In subsequent posts titled under this memoir, I'll be telling short stories about different moments in my childhood and teenage years. Welcome to Memoirs of a Last Born.
PS; The fashion and style segment would kick off soon. I'm just making sure some things are put in order first. Thanks for visiting.
xo, Evita.

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  1. Lol hi big baby

  2. Awww you look really chubby wonder those 4kg anyway amazing reading about your birth I almost forgot about how was mine will ask my mum to explain again.

    1. Lol! Thanks Yanes. Yes you should ask her again. :)

  3. Last born..... intro you say.. hehhehe
    Watching out for the remaining

  4. Where did you dig that picture from? Dividends of last born... Very nice piece....last born (lolllllll),

    1. Hahaha!! Big sis I have more o :D u dey laff me abi. Well, I know you love me like dat :p


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