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Hello everyone. So today I'm writing about accidents. Road accidents to be precise. I want to share with you my thoughts during that moment between life and death. And also, how God always guides and protects our every move, provided you obey Him by listening to your instincts. Because I believe that tiny voice in your head that tells you yes or no when you're about to do something is the voice of your guardian angel sent from God.

I've had four major road accidents in my lifetime and I strongly believe that if I were to die, it wouldn't be because of a road accident. I've survived four and I know by God's grace, I would never experience such again.

The first 3 accidents I had left me with no major injuries at all, just little scratches on my palm and elbow. But the one that scared me the most was in 2012. I was in Benin city to start my final clearance in school and I was on my way to an aunt's house when it happened.

I was very tired after walking from office to office in my faculty building and I just wanted to go home. On getting to the bus stop outside my school, there were no buses, just motorcycles and I didn't have the patience to wait for a bus. The little voice in my head said," wait for 5 more minutes and if you don't see a bus, take a bike" But no, I wanted to get home that instant. I was tired. So I hailed a bike and my journey started. I felt really unsettled and I couldn't hear the little voice in my head anymore. Less than 5 minutes into the journey, the unexpected happened.

The guy riding the bike was trailing closely behind this 14 seater bus that belonged to a popular transport company in Benin. I noticed the driver seemed like he didn't know where he was going because the way he drove suggested he was confused. As I was about to tell my bike guy to give him a little gap, he tried to overtake the bus and the next thing we knew the bus driver also swerved in the same direction.

"Jesus!!!" I screamed. Next thing I was rolling on the express road, I don't know how many times I rolled but I rolled more than thrice. I started seeing the faces of my loved ones flash before me, I remembered all the good times we had and for a second I thought that was the end. I thought I was gone for good. I opened my eyes and expected to see myself on the queue to meet with St Peter at heaven's gate. Instead I was surrounded by onlookers at the sidewalk and for a nanosecond, I didn't know where I was. Then I remembered. I had fallen from a bike and this was an accident.

I sat up, looked around. My bag was wrapped around my arms. I looked at my feet, the right foot of my shoe was missing. I checked my arms, they had bruises. I touched my head, no sign of bleeding. Ok, I'm safe. "Thank you Jesus..." I said this repeatedly and then the onlookers who were very sympathetic began to ask questions. One particular man asked me my name, where I was coming from and going to. I guess he just wanted to make sure I wasn't in shock. The bike guy was terribly injured. As I tried to get up, I felt a sharp pain on my waist and my leg left. I was badly injured this time.

It was a really long day and I spent it in the accident and emergency ward of the University of Benin Teaching Hospital. Believe me, that's the worst place I've been in my life. It was the longest night of my life. My injury was nothing compared to what I saw that night. I was just thanking God for life till I was discharged the next morning.

You see, when that tiny voice in your head speaks to you, just listen. If I had obeyed mine, I probably wouldn't have had that accident. And be on the alert before you enter public transport. If I feel unsettled with the face of the driver or the conductor of a bus, I usually wait for another to pass by. I'm never in a hurry. It's not a guarantee but better safe than sorry.

I've also stopped making use of motorcycles. If I must, I recite Psalm 23 or 91 till I get to my destination. No jokes. Bike accidents are really horrible because there's nothing protecting you. Any slight touch, you're off in the air or rolling on the ground.

So tell me, have you ever been involved in a road accident before? What was your reaction, what were the things that ran through your mind as it happened? Let me know in the comments section below and have a peaceful weekend ahead.

PS: Christmas is almost here o! Yippee!!! I'm still a baby at heart when it comes to Christmas. So much excitement. Its my favorite time of the year asides my birthday. Let the countdown begin! :D

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  1. Sorry you had to go through this evita

    1. Thanks Wendee. It was a very terrifying experience. Thank God I'm alive to tell the story.

  2. I can only imagine what your experience was like...Ndo o! thank God it wasn't more than that. Ones, I had an accident on a bike... I saw it coming though and immediately the collision took place, I jumped out from the bike. The bike man sustained injuries, and while sympathizers came around, they expressed marvel at the way I managed to escape by jumping out and promptly too, I felt like superman that day *See my Head*
    You are right about "Instincts". The only problem is that most times, we realise the prompts from our instincts or inner mind after the event has taken place. We over time have learnt to ignore Mr Instincts which is too bad.

    Egwumba’s Blog

    1. Thanks Ugo. See you pulling stunts!Lol!! Well, you did the best thing because had you remained on the bike it would have been worse. And very true what you said about instincts. Most times we ignore it till the deed has been done.

  3. Hi that really schoking your accident can imagine you at that time eish I always take motocyle to go to school is the fastest way but before I make sure to pray I have never had an accident in my life and wish to never have it in the name of Jesus anyway great post as usual xoxo thank God u safe and nice meeting you by God's grace I have met you .

    1. Thanks Yanes. I don't even wish it for an enemy.and I like that you pray before embarking on a journey,it sure helps. Nice meeting you too. I hope we get to meet physically one day. Thanks for always visiting. :)


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