Mum or Dad?

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"Who's your favorite, mum or dad?" Or "Who do you love more, mum or dad?" This was a reoccurring question during my childhood days and I'm pretty sure it's not strange to most of u as well. What was my answer to this question? Well, I always chose my dad. Daddy was my favorite. Yeah, girls and their fathers. I I'm not writing this post to praise my parents. I want to point out something important that I grew up to understand.

A child is said to know the difference between good and bad starting from age 7 and I believe it was at this age I chose who my favorite parent was. I realized that my mum was (is) very strict while my dad was (is) very calm and less strict. So gradually, I tilted more to the direction of my dad. My mum was very quick to say no to some of my demands which sometimes were deemed unnecessary, while my dad on the contrary would approve of these demands 80% of the time. But he knew when to draw the line. There were boundaries and I respected them. He was careful not to spoil me.

As I gradually approached my 13th birthday, things changed. My dad joined the "NO train" with my mum. When I would ask for some certain things he would say, "Ask your mummy". Oh, these two are plotting against me now, I thought. Little did I know he wanted me to see that my mum had the best intentions towards me and she wasn't my "enemy" as I had thought then. My teenage years were very tough but a year into my 20s I understood what it was my parents were doing all along.

My dad wanted to make sure there was a balance in my emotions. He wanted me to see the love in my mum's strictness and I eventually did. From all observations parenting is a huge task and if care isn't taken, the home may become divided because children would tend to set up camp with their favorite parent which is quite unhealthy.

So who's my favorite parent now? Well, I have none because I love them equally. I have come to realize that they are actually a unit and they act in unison. They complement each other. To those who were raised by just one parent please appreciate your mum or dad. For the sole fact that they combined the task of both parents, they should be applauded.

Tell me, who was your favorite parent while growing up? Do you still have a favorite or are you like me who has none? Let me know in the comments section below.

Have a fun filled weekend and stay healthy.
xo, Evita.

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  1. Come to think of it, I don't think I have favourite o. My dad had his time when it was like he was all to me, then he kinda passed the button to my mum. I am grateful for the two. So if I must answer your question, I will say "Mum & Dad".

    1. Lol! That's nice. It seems the same as having no particular favorite though. The love is equal. Thanks for sharing Ugo :)

  2. You know what u just explain a look alike childhood as me when i was a little girl my Dad was the number 1 always did eberything to please me and my mom was just the opposite of my Dad but with the time he has really changed and i realize that when u grow up they see things differently mums protect tou wile u a little girle and Dads take care of eveything when u become a bit mature but they scared and i think it normal as u said now u love them equally same for me the same confidence i share with my mom my Dad is part of and they complete each other thanks for sharing i really pour out my heart and appreciate your post keep it up it always a joy to head over here

    1. Exactly. When you grow you see things differently. I'm glad you could relate to this. Thanks for your comment Yanes. Its always a pleasure having you here. :)


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