As The Year 2015 Ends...

9:45:00 pm

We're still in the season so I can still wish you all a very Merry Christmas!! Hope you've been having fun throughout the holiday season. Hmm, my Christmas was just somehow but in all things, I'm grateful.

This year's harmattan has official made me dislike the weather. I used to love harmattan but I can't say that anymore. I was gifted with catarrh and cough on Christmas eve plus some other ish and it eventually generated into a fever. Oh well, I was still in the Christmas mood and I prepared fried rice and salad on Christmas morning while my mum handled owo soup and starch(hello my fellow Deltans!) My eldest brother and his family came to visit later in the day and they also brought food. So food everywhere. I spent most of the day sleeping like I've been doing for a decade now. I've out grown that "let's go out" thing on Christmas day. No more Christmas clothes, shoes and hair!

Boxing day was kinda fun. A special someone took me to the cinema and I got to see the movie "Fifty". Thumbs up to the production company and the entire cast and crew. They did a good job. But I didn't particularly like the end of the movie because it was abrupt. That's my opinion though. Apart from that, its a good movie. The fever dawned on me in the early hours of the next day but thank God, I'm much better now. Yes! So we have less than 50 hours to the new year. Excited much! Bday loading as well*big smile*

A couple of years back, I'll write down all the things I wanted to change or improve about myself on the 30/31 of December and I'll promise myself to be "good" the next year.So on January 1st,I'll be expecting a total transformation, just like that! Did it work? Lol! In more recent years, as I grew older, I learnt that making new year resolutions come from the heart and its a decision one has to make over time. Its not magic. You can't just wake up on January 1 and become brand new. It takes some conscious effort on your part to make those resolutions come into being. So what are my new year resolutions?

First, I want to apologize to anyone who may feel that I don't care about them or ignoring them for some reason. If you know me very well, you'll know that I suck at keeping in touch. If keeping in touch was a course, I'd come out with F9 all the time. It's that bad and I'm working on myself. I love solitude. I like to be alone but when I see a close relative or friend around me, I can become an extreme extrovert. But deep within, I'm so introverted that I sometimes pray about it. So if you feel like I've "abandoned" you, please don't take it personal. That's if we're good friends sha *side eyes* That's it, my first resolution is keeping in touch often.

Secondly, I want to stop procrastinating. I've greatly improved in this aspect and it wasn't something that happened in 5 years. It took time and I'm happy with the progress I've made and I want to make more. Hence, I'm adopting Nike's motto,"Just do it".

I don't know if this one is a resolution oo! But I want to press my phone less in! I don't like the impression some people have of me as someone who's always looking at her phone screen. Let me make this clear, when you see me with my phone, don't assume I'm chatting all the time. Haba! Most times I'm busy googling stuff and reading blogs or going through my Twitter timeline.I'm not addicted to my phone. But nevertheless, less "phone pressing" in 2016, so help me God.

In all, I'm just about bringing out the best version of myself. I love the fact that a new year always ushers in my birthday and it automatically gives me a sense of growth. I can boldly say I like the woman I'm becoming. It took tons of new year resolutions to get to this point and I'm happy it paid off. New year resolutions can happen at anytime of the year though. Forget the new year tag in front of the resolution. Everyday is a new opportunity to start anew so don't be worried if you have nothing in mind for now.

As the year 2015 ends, I'm grateful to God for life. For keeping myself and all my loved ones safe and in good health.I lost love but found it again(don't ask me)lol! To all my good friends, you're loved. I appreciate each and every one of you for all the kind words and encouragement. Even though my family met some challenges early in the year, I still thank God and regard them as life lessons. Life is a graph after all, sometimes you shoot upwards, sometimes you slide. But we all pray to end on the upper side. This year was good and I pray 2016 would be better.

Here's me wishing everyone a prosperous new year. May 2016 be a zillion times better than 2015 for all of us. May we grow from strength to strength and may we continue to be in good health of mind and body.

See you next year!
xo, Evita.

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  1. Cheers to a New year! New you! Birthday cake! New Age

  2. Amen o! Wish u a Joy filled new year with God's continued mercy and grace dear.😊

    1. Thanks Miguel! May you attain greater heights in 2016! :*

  3. 2015 has been really eventful... I am sure God has better things for us all in the new year.

    Well done Evita... Keep doing great.

    Egwumba’s Blog

    1. Yes oo!We're moving from glory to glory. Thanks Ugo:)


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