2016 IS HERE!!!

9:31:00 am

Happy new year!!!!*biggest smile* Lord knows I'm so happy(cliche much) but that's how I really feel. Last night was so emotional for me. I couldn't help but shed a few tears, tears of joy. In my dad's words, "2015 was our most challenging year but we came out stronger..." God is awesome! He has done so much for us, we cannot say it all.

This year I pray for peace. Peace in Nigeria and peace in the world. We all know the terrors that happened in 2015. Numerous lives and properties destroyed, families shattered, hopes lost. This year, may we know peace. May we grow from strength to strength and may the good Lord bless all our endeavours. May God give our leaders the wisdom to rule us and bring out the best in our nation, Nigeria. May He bless,guide and protect all our families and loved ones.

I'm very expectant and hopeful. I know 2016 holds a lot and we shall come out of it alive, successful and victorious. Happy new year once again! I wish you all the best of 2016!

xo, Evita.

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  1. Amen! Thank God for his Grace and strength with us in 2015.

  2. It is grace that brought us through this point... grace will lead us on.
    Happy New year dear.

  3. Replies
    1. I wish you a pleasant 2016 Grace. Thanks!

  4. Happy new year dear, Cheers to a better 2016.

    1. Wishing you all the best Sogie. Cheers!

  5. Happy 2016 Evita. The year shall be favourable to us all by His grace

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  6. Hapoy new year pretty tons of blessings in this new year we made it



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