Package Your Profession.

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Hello everyone! How y'all doing? Well, I've been quite busy hence my absence on here but that's not an excuse, I'm back!

I was in a bus some time last week and on getting to a bus stop, a guy just hurriedly jumped in and sat beside me. Immediately, his body odour greeted me harshly and I couldn't help but hold my breath for a few seconds then braced myself for the long ride ahead. In his hands, I spotted something that looked like a vehicle spare part. His shirt was so dirty, stained with grease, bits of rust and on his feet were a pair of bathroom slippers. Automatically, I just knew he was a mechanic. Then I thought to myself, " Is there a law stated somewhere that mechanics must appear and smell dirty?" Mechanics aren't the only ones guilty of this though. What am I driving at?

Most artisans (in Nigeria) are guilty of appearing and smelling dirty. It's a huge dent on the image of their various professions in my opinion. The fact that these professions are already looked down on in the society is the more reason why they have to "package their profession".

Make your profession look good. Command some respect from your customers and other professionals. It doesn't cost a fortune to appear and look good at work. What is really the difference between a mechanical engineer and a roadside mechanic? A fashion designer and a tailor? A furniture maker and a carpenter? Its not much of a difference. The education a mechanical engineer has acquired within the four walls of an institution is sometimes the only major difference between them and the roadside mechanics. And also, the way they dress. Both practically do the same thing but with little variations. Same with a fashion designer and a tailor. Its all about PACKAGING.

There's a lady I read about recently and I was really impressed at what she does. She fries akara, yam, potatoes, fish on a street in Lagos and she set herself apart from the rest by packaging herself so well you'd wonder what she's doing selling food on the street. Her work area is so tidy, she dresses well, her hair,neat. Customer service, on point. She made selling food on the street look attractive and of course, she commands respect from her customers. Hence, word spread about her up to the extent that she got featured in a newspaper.

Be proud of what you do. I understand some jobs are very tedious but there are cheap and affordable deodorants that would keep you smelling nice for most of the day. Just like a chef has an apron, have something that would keep you dirt/stain-free. Make your workshop neat. It doesn't cost a lot or does it?

We live in an interdependent world. Nobody is useless. As far as you make a honest living, make it look good, be happy with what you do. Package your profession.

xo, Evita.

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  1. Quite an interesting read as always. Tnx.

  2. Word! Packaging is key! You are addressed how you dress...

  3. Your right some people think that their work are not worth because of the circumstances of the job it always good to see someone taking care of their job not only in the body eish I can imagine thanks for sharing if you choose a job make sure you love it first soy ou can be able to take care of it

  4. The title alone already did it for me.. it's al about the packaging!

  5. I agree with you totally!

  6. Absolutely, totally on point. You said it all


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