Because I'm Pretty.

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Hello my lovely and wonderful readers.☺ How's everything going? Me, I'm just trying to live life one day at a time because there's really no use stressing over stuff you can't control. The increase in the fuel price over here in Nigeria is so saddening. I was a bit down yesterday that I just hit the sheets immediately I got back home from work.😪The price of everything (I mean EVERYTHING) has skyrocketed and I'm just here wondering "where is the love?" *sigh*😩😞 Enough about Nigeria. Let's talk about something more fun.😁

What I'm writing about today is something that most ladies must have experienced at one time or the other. So here goes my experience.

On my way back from work some weeks ago, I was in a bus with my ears plugged as usual, looking out the window like I was in a music video and then it was time to pay my fare. I unplugged one ear so I could talk with the bus conductor. The fare to my destination is usually 50 naira so I gave him a 100 naira note and was expecting to collect 50 naira change. The next thing I knew, dude was handing me 30 naira as change. This was the conversation that ensued;
Me; 30 naira? How na? Abeg gimme my complete change.

Conductor; Haba! Fine sister. As you fine like this you no fit leave 20 naira for me?

Me; Oh! So because I fine I dey pluck money from tree abi?

Conductor; Ah, you no suppose to dey price(bargain) anything as you dey like this. You suppose dash me all the 50 naira sef. I know say money full your hand remain.

Me; Amen. Money full my hand but I need my complete change. Thank you ehn. No vex.

Conductor; Fine sister, you no suppose to dey do alaroro(stingy) oh! Oya take.(he hands me a 20 naira note to complete the 50 naira change)

I would have left the change for him if I was so buoyant. But I was on a strict budget and why couldn't he even tell me not to pay since I'm a "fine sister". It was funny and at the same time opened my mind to a lot of issues. So if I had left my change for the conductor, would it have made me more pretty or what? There's a common perception that "pretty" ladies aren't supposed to manage money, that for some reason, we ALWAYS have excess cash to throw around. When we go to the open market to purchase foodstuff or clothing items we're just meant to pay whatever we're told and walk away. Like I'm not supposed to bargain just because I'm pretty? Interesting!

This awkward mentality has somehow been absorbed in the minds of some ladies that because they're pretty, it's therefore not attractive to bargain when they want to make purchases. Please, if you fall in this group, kindly erase that mindset.

If you work hard to make money and you understand how difficult it could be to make a living, you'll be mindful of every penny you spend. Even if you still get stipends from your parents, it doesn't mean you should spend recklessly. Don't be deceived that because you're pretty, you're supposed to spend without thinking. There's nothing wrong with giving occasional tips but then, that shouldn't stop you from getting good value for your money.

There's a difference between being cheap and being reasonable with your money. There's nothing like a good bargain. It's your money and without it, the trader won't be in business.

So the next time you want to make a purchase, "fine sister", bargain well. You're pretty and you work hard for your money. Don't let these cunning traders try to rip you off and tag you an alaroro(stingy person). You still remain pretty regardless.😜

If you've had similar experiences like mine, please feel free to share in the comment section below. 😉

Until my next post, stay well and blessed.
xo, Evita.

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  1. Aww don't mind them please, awon smellos!!! Nice write up. ��

    How To Survive The Tomato Scarcity In Nigeria

    1. Lool!! I know right. Thanks for stopping by.😊

    2. Hahahahahahahahaha @ awon smellos.

  2. Hello pretty hello pretty sorry for the situation in your country in sure everything will be alright soon anyways back to the funny story of the conductor and your pidgin English abi Loool I laighed my ribs off this people think when you dress well and you pretty money comes from the tree I wish ohhhh nice write up enjoy your week love

    1. Yes oh!lol😄😁Thanks Yanes, have a great week.

  3. When the pretty ones have brains too, that's near Everyone deserves a fair treatment. The moment a person is taken advantage off because he/she is pretty of has a special attribute, that's an MBA for me.
    Finally, I like your style jooor... Now o, everything is under strict budget, every 20 naira counts like kilode. *Smiles* We will survive.

    1. 😊😊Ugo you know! Every kobo counts now o.amen, we will survive. I appreciate your comment.

  4. I know just what you mean, happens to me everytime I go to yaba market.

    1. Lool!! I can so relate😅Thanks for stopping by Tomie.

  5. It have just tire me o. Most people dont like my type because me I can bargain like there is no tomorrow so if you like call me Agbani Darego that one just concern the seller because I will end up buying what I want with my complete change intact.

    I blog at

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  7. Hi Evita (such a pretty name),

    Lol @ "So because I fine I dey pluck money from tree abi?"

    I agree with you, prettiness is not an excuse for financial carelessness. The rising prices of nearly everything is so disheartening, with so many contributing factors, from petrol price hike to dollar exchange rate instability, the economy is not doing well at all.

    These days, smart bargaining skills are very necessary if one wants their money to achieve anything in the market. It's better to leave beauty at home and carry common sense along when spending money. :-)

  8. Girl I feel ya!! The one I hate Is as you fine like this you not suppose price. What stupid statement as if fine girls have one money tree in their backyard *smh*


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