Books; Now and Forever.

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Hello beautiful people! How have my amazing readers been? We're still in the first 10 days of a new month so I guess I can still wish you all a Happy new month.Yes! June is one of my favourite months because I have nieces, a nephew and a sibling whose birthdays are lined up from the 15th-23rd. Yippee!!!💃🎂🎉

May was a well spent month for me. You know how some months just feel so good and everything works out so well? That was May for me and I thank God for that. I also have some exciting write ups to share with you in this beautiful month so stay tuned.

Ok. Let me confess something; I'm a bibliophile.🙈 There, that's it. What were you expecting to read?haha!! 😝😜 I love books. I love buying them, I love arranging them, I love how they smell. In short, I'm a book collector. My love for books started at a very tender age and I'd like to think its something I inherited from both my parents because they're bibliophiles as well, especially my dad. The first book I ever got was titled 'Bambi' and ever since, this love affair with books blossomed.

Throughout my years in primary and secondary school, I was a sort of book supplier to my classmates. I had(still have) a collection of The Babysitters Club series by Ann M. Martin and also the Goosebumb series.

Moving on to secondary school, I stashed away my Babysitters and curiosity led me to a new found love; romance novels. Don't blame me, my dad has a library filled with Mills and Boons series, Silhouette series and Harlequin series. So it was like getting high on my own supply.😁 I usually hid to read these books but I got caught after some years by my mum who gave me a lecture about the implications of reading such books so with time, I stopped.

I fell in love again and this time, it was with Danielle Steel. This was the perfect love affair. Danielle Steel captured my heart through her books and also inspired the writer in me. I admire how she makes her characters come to life and how they also become part of the reader's life. I share in their pains, struggles and happiness. The love is real.

This led me to source for other writers who I could connect with through their books and I came across Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Recently, I've fallen in love with Chinua Achebe. God rest his soul. I wonder who's going to be next on my list.😄

The emotions attached with books is undescribable and is something that every book lover can attest to. As much as technology has tried to make life easier by bringing to us online shopping, music, games, news and any other thing that there is, it has been unable to deliver to us, the ultimate reading experience.

Although we have witnessed the birth of the e-books, audio books and the Kindle. They have not been able to stand the test of time. Using myself as an example, I was never thrilled by the Kindle. How can I have books that I can't hold and flip through? Books that I can't look at on my bookshelf. Books that can be wiped off just by pressing one button. It was all fake to me.

Of course, the e-books have their own advantages which cannot be ignored. But what happens when in the next 10 years, I want to show my children what the books I read while growing up looked like? Would they be able to understand my literary transition from childhood to adulthood just by looking at my book collection through a screen? And how it actually feels to read a book from start to finish and flip over the last page. Would I have a home void of bookshelves?

Technology has done us a whole lot of good but one thing it will never be able to recreate is the pleasure and emotions that a physical book can give to a person. Books are here to stay, now and forever.

Until my next post which is coming up real soon, stay happy and well.

xo, Evita.

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  1. I won't consider myself a Bibliophile but I do love to read almost anything I lay my hands on. Loved to read novels too, and I need to make out time for that again. Nice post.

    1. Hey Miguel☺ Even if it'll take you a month to finish one book, still make out time for it. I remember when I used to lend you my Danielle Steel books though.😜 Lol! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hi Evita,

    I enjoyed reading this. One of my favourite quotes always resonates whenever I read a good book- " There's no friend as loyal as a book" - Ernest Hemingway

    I've recently fallen in love with the new wave of African writers, they tell their stories so profoundly.

    Funny enough, I also have a drafted post celebrating books. Great minds thinks alike, right? :-)

    1. Hii Nedoux! Its good to have you here. You're very right about our African writers,they're doing a good job. Would definitely check out your post and yes, great minds do think alike.😊 thanks for stopping by. Have a great week.


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