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Hi guys! It's good to be here again. A very big yes to consistency! I'm getting my groove back and I promise to be more consistent henceforth. I hope everyone has been in good health. I've been doing ok. God has been faithful to His words and promises.

I knowww! Something's changed again! Yay! A new blog title. Hmmm. What does "Evita In Progress" means. Relax, I'm here to clarify.

Firstly, Evita is not my nickname. I was named Evita by my Dad and its part of my official name as it appears in my birth certificate. Like I mentioned in my very first post here, I'm known as Ogochukwu by my relatives and childhood friends. I answer to both names so feel free to address me with any of your choice.

For some time now, I've been having thoughts on changing my blog title because I wanted it to be broader. I didn't want to be confined to just "speaking". So after much brainstorming  and searching for a title that appeals very much to me, I finally settled for "Evita In Progress". Now I'm very certain most of you are trying to make sense out of it. Let me explain.

Evita means "Life" in Hebrew. Check here  to see the details about its meaning. Therefore, "Evita In Progress" literally means "Life In Progress". Tada! Makes sense right? I probably could have come up with something better but this is what came and stuck with me. I hope you all like it.

I have a lot planned out for the blog this month so please stay with me.

Have a blissful week ahead.
xo, Evita.

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  1. Love the new name and concept. All the best dear.

    1. My number 1 supporter! 😄 Thanks Miguel. I appreciate.

  2. Hi Evita,

    How've you been?

    @"Life In Progress". I like the sound of that. Indeed, we learn as we transition through the stages in our lives.

    I didn't know Evita was hebrew, now I know! Lol


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