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Hi guys! So much for being consistent.*sad much*.I fell ill like a week ago but I've fully recovered now. All thanks to my heavenly Father. How are you all doing?? I missed you guys. Hope I was missed too? I did say I have a lot to share this month and I meant it. Now, let's get started on today's topic of discussion.

Some days ago, my parents and I were having a discussion and they said something that struck a chord in my head. My dad being the first son in his family, bore a lot of responsibilities as expected of him. He made sure his siblings had an education and sponsored anyone who decided to go in to a trade/business. These he did because he had love for his family and because he was selfless. It made him happy to see his people happy and making progress in life. He didn't do those things because he was obliged to. It was a case of free will.

Now, back to the conversation between my parents and myself, this was what they said, " Look, your generation is very selfish. All you people care about is yourselves. You don't even remember your parents, I feel sorry for some parents..." They weren't referring to me and my siblings in this conversation, but to all of us in general, the children of this present generation.

I felt bad at first when they said this but then I thought about it. Are we really selfish? Are we all about SELF? Are we a self centered generation? Some of us have become "too busy" to care. We are living on a fast lane and we just can't stop. We all want to live the dream life.There are instances where siblings don't even seem to care about themselves. It's all about "ME". The principles of self love are starting to change. How often do we call our grandparents(for those who still have) Our relatives? I agree with my parents, we have become selfish, but selfish for a reason(s)

We now live in a fast paced world. Things are changing and things are also happening. In 1978 my dad earned 200 pounds working in the bank which is now equivalent to about a hundred thousand naira in 2016. With this salary, he was able to afford a brand new Vesper and also carter for his mum and siblings. What will a hundred thousand naira do for you now? Can you afford a BRAND NEW Volkswagen Bettle Car? Can you afford to go on a shopping spree in a top notch boutique? I can go on with the examples but my point is, the cost of living now cannot be compared to that of the 70s. The world is at a stage where every man is for him/herself.

It's also a case of individuality. Some persons are naturally selfless and caring, others are the opposite. I'm pretty sure they were a lot of my dad's mates back then who didn't do anything for their family. I'm very certain there were/are still a number of selfish people in my dad's time. As much as I'd love to continue defending our generation, let's examine our consciences with these few questions.

Do you remember to give your parents a little out of your earnings, even if they need it or not, do you give them something from your pocket at the end of every month? Are you quick to say you don't have money when a sibling of yours asks you for money?I understand that these times are "hard". Do you remember to even give God a percentage of your salary? Are you building a higher fence or a longer table?

As much as we are tagged as a "selfish generation", let us try to be selfless at some point despite the factors that may hinder this. We should try to prove to ourselves and the older generation that we aren't so selfish and self centered.

I'll be back soon. Until then, keep shining.
xo, Evita.

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  1. A little selflessness never killed anyone. Nice post as always. Keep it up!😊

    1. True words. Thanks for stopping by Miguel. ☺

  2. I enjoyed really this. The pictures also helped to pass across the message well. Man is naturally selfish but it takes God's grace to be selfless.
    For Times When You Go From 100-0 And Can't Explain It

    1. Thanks Olaa. Nice to have you here. hope to see more of you. :)

  3. Nice post dearie.Thanks for sharing.


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