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Hey beautiful people! A happy August to you and yours. We're still in the first 3 days of the month so I'm allowed to wish you a happy new month. It can only get better, believe it. August is another special month for me because it marks somethig quite special in my life. My blog would be a year old on the 6th and I'm just amazed at how far its come along.

I've been going through quite a lot lately(who isn' its been a series of ups and downs but what's life without them ey?

I feel I should do a life lately post in a taking stock format because that's the best way I can express myself at the moment. I'm kinda short of words but let's do this!

Making: plans to start up my own business. I just have a draft of what I would want it to look like. Still working on it.

Eating: Popcorn. A lot of popcorn! I guess that's my new stress reliever.

Drinking: Lukewarm water(ordinary water). I gave up on cold water because it makes my tummy look bloated.

Reading: This Is Lagos and other stories by Flora Nwapa. I actually abandoned the poor book in my handbag for about a week now because I've not been in a really good mood.

Wanting: a digital camera so bad! And more lipsticks. I don't understand it but I just want more.

Playing: old school jams. Been listening to Stevie Wonder a lot lately.

Watching: Michelle Obama's speech at the DNC over and over again. I really admire her charisma and carriage.

Wishing: I could go on vacation right now! If you follow me on Snapchat(@evee_evita) you already know. I miss my sister and her kids. Haven't seen them in a year.

Enjoying: music. Sounds cliche but I'm really enjoying my new playlist.

Loving: my new laptop. I was gifted with a laptop last weekend. Thank YOUUUU!!! 😉

Hoping: for a productive month. And a vacation.

Marveling: at the way my nieces are growing so fast! It's amazing. Looking at them makes me realize that I really am getting old.

Wearing: my baby pink turtleneck sweater and blue skinny jeans. I need more turtleneck tops though.

Impressed: by my hair growth. I recently did the big chop and I'm happy with the progress I've made so far.

Feeling: so much uncertainty. I'm quite unsettled but I'll figure my way around this feeling by God's grace.

Listening: to Signed, sealed, delivered by Stevie Wonder.

That's it guys. I really hope August brings a lot of good news. And thanks for sticking around! It's been almost a year. I'll definitely have a new post up on the 6th.

Gotta go! Stay happy and keep shining.

xo, Evita.

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  1. Best wishes and blessings for the new month.

    I always enjoy reading "Taking Stock" posts, it's a very precise way of sharing monthly life updates.

    Well done on planning a new business, I wish you the best.

    Ah, I really ought to eat more popcorn, life gets so stressful sometimes. Lol

    1. Thanks Nedu.😊 Please make sure the popcorn has a lot of butter and sugar! Have a fun weekend ahead.

  2. Happy new month Evita!!!!

    @popcorn, makes two of us and TFC peppered chicken yo!!!
    Laid Back Wednesday With Alil Attitude

    1. Hey Gracie!!!😆😆 my fellow popcorn lover!hehehehe! I'm not alone. I must try that tfc peppered chicken again sha.last time I had it...pepper!! Lool!

  3. Happy new month and Happy anniversary on running this wonderful blog. That your bowl of popcorn looks very tempting. It will def get better.

    1. Awww! Thanks Miguel.😘 You have a special bowl of popcorn for the blog anniversary for all your encouragement and support.😁You are highly appreciated.

  4. I have particularly missed you and this my favourite blog. I just discovered the new changes and I am impressed... that's the kind of change Naija needs. Lol.

    Great post. I loved reading every bit, now I know drinking cold water can make ones stomach look blotted amongst oother new things I have just learnt about
    Keep being cool dear.

    1. Hey Ugo!! Its good to have you here once again. You were truly missed. Taking cold water after your meals is like the worst thing ever. It slows down digestion and makes oil difficult to melt. I stopped and its working for me though. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate.😊

  5. I'm feeling so many of these things too!!! Amazed at how fast my younger sister is growing, girl is now taller x bigger than me.. I officially look like the last born of the house. I'm enjoying some new music too but I need more. Also a digital camera you know this!!! Can never have enough lipsticks so I give up. Best wishes for the month love.


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