2016 Fashion Trends That Would Still Be Huge This Year

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2016 is undoubtedly over but that doesn't mean everything that happened then ended with it. The fashion industry experienced blasts from the past with the emergence of chokers from the 90s, flared pants from the 70s/80s, off/cold shoulders from the 60s and a couple of others. In this post, I'm going to highlight some major fashion trends in women's fashion that are still going to be huge this year and some trends that might likely takeover before the year ends. Let's dig in shall we? 

  • Metallic Pleated Skirts
In fact, everything metallic was a trend last year and the pleated/accordion skirt was no exception. This is one trend I'd like to see more of coz it's just so mesmerizing to look at and easy to style.

  • Bell Sleeves
I have a very good feeling this would takeover from the off shoulder trend before the year ends. Bell sleeves are all the rave right now and it's just so chic and gives off this air of elegance. Love it!

  • Slip Dress
What many used to refer as a spaghetti top/dress or even nightgowns to some became a major fashion trend in 2016. The slip dress made its way from the undergarment and nightwear drawers to fashion runways all across the world.

  • Cold/Off Shoulder
Hmmm...need I say much about this? Off shoulder dresses and tops were EVERYWHERE last year and honestly, I don't think it's going away anytime soon.

  • Athleisure Trend
In fashion, anything is possible. If sports/gym wear could become the new cool then what can't? Just throw on a pair of joggers, sneakers, baseball hat and you're good to go. Although, it's a trend some ladies have not yet fully embraced but I think it's going to make waves this year.

  • Sheer Tops/Dresses
Sheer...better known as see-through by many because of its transparency. This trend made numerous appearances at fashion shows in 2016 and it would definitely be in the front burner this year. This one I absolutely adore!

  • Jellies
Fancy, colorful footwear that's so much fun to wear! They could be all the edge you need to give your outfit the wow factor and they're super cool. Jellies became really popular last year and they come in a variety of colors which makes it much more fun. 

  • Chokers
Look left, look right, look all around you and you would most definitely spot 2 out of 5 ladies wearing a choker. I think this was the biggest trend in 2016 and from the look of things, it ain't going nowhere.

2016 was so much fun on the fashion scene and I can't wait to see what this year has in store for us but I feel the socks in heels trend, velvet and the pajamas trend are going to be among the big guns. We can only wait and see.

What other fashion trend do you feel was huge last year and which one of them would you not want to see this year? And do tell me what fashion trend you'd want to see make a comeback. You know I always appreciate your feedback. I hope you're having a stress-free week so far seeing it's the first working week of the year. 

Stay happy and well,
Evita, xx. 

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