Lessons Learnt At The Nikon Nigeria Photo Summit

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Hey guys! Hope you had an awesome weekend? Mine was a tad bit boring but it's okay...sometimes the whole peace and extra quiet is needed.

Last week I was invited by my good friend Ugochukwu, who's also a blogger(check out his blog hereto an event. When he called and told me it was a photo summit organised by Nikon, I was kinda skeptical about attending coz I thought it was going to be all about Nikon cameras and that sort of thing. But since I was free on the said date, I decided to go and I was proved wrong.

The Nikon Nigeria Photo Summit held on Thursday, January 26th 2017 at Welcome Center & Hotels, Ikeja, Lagos. Attendance was free and it started at 9am. I got there at about 11am when the first speaker was more than half way through with his lecture but I was able to catch up.

There were 3 notable speakers at the event, all 3 being expert photographers. First was Bryan Peterson and his lecture was titled "The Art of Seeing". Second was Kelechi Amadi-Obi with a lecture titled, "Visual Impact Through Composition and Design." Then lastly was Michael Iyang and he gave us a lot of insight into "Advertising Photography."

Bryan's lecture was spectacular. He made me realize that seeing is indeed an art. We can all be looking at the same object but we would see, interpret and create numerous images from that one object. You need to see where he gets his inspiration from. It was truly amazing. You can go through his Instagram page here

I have been hearing so much about Kelechi Amadi-Obi and I got to see him live on stage. I must say he's so down to earth and simple. He also has this contagious laughter. LOL! He had a lot to say about photography and he gave us a brief history about his background. Did you know he's also a lawyer? I never knew. As someone who likes pictures and intends getting a DSLR camera, I had quite a handful of info to take home from Kelechi's lecture.

He advised to start with the basics and to always read the instruction manual that comes with a camera(and any other product) It's best to get acquainted with your device by reading what the manufacturers have to say about it and the instructions given. He also hammered on the difference between looking and seeing(there's a lot of 'seeing' involved in photography)

Then there was the whole talk on visual composition which I totally enjoyed. Visual composition are the things that make up your picture. What should be in it and what shouldn't. Why are you taking these photos and what story do you want them to tell? He showed us a few of his works and the concepts behind them. Great stuff I tell you.

Michael's lecture was really funny but had a lot of depth. He highlighted the challenges photographers face in Nigeria and how the art of photography isn't valued as much as it should. He made mention of the 'Nigerian Factor' and this simply means that whatever works normally in other parts of the world tends to work abnormally over here. Therefore, you have to put in extra effort into your work if you want to stand out. He also gave some general business tips.

There was one thing all 3 speakers said, 'Keep reading and learning'. No matter what you're into, you have to stay updated in your industry. Have a mind to learn.

I got more than I had expected at this event and it was also my first time of physically meeting Ugochukwu. It was really nice meeting you Ugo, thanks again for inviting me. I'm looking forward to meeting other bloggers too. So far I've met just 2.

Thanks for the love shown in my last post.  I haven't forgotten about my review of 29, Single and Nigerian. That would be coming up really soon.

Have a super productive week ahead.
Evita, x.

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  1. Great tips hun, thanks for sharing it with us. Trust you had an awesome time.

    Funmi x

  2. I am covering my face in shame... I come here, I read and seriously I don't know what to comment because you Evita are simply amazing.

    But I have to comment: Thanks for coming to the Nikon Photo Summit... you surely learnt a lot. I did too. I am glad... but was most excited that I met you (for the 1st time in real life) - the very amazing and fashionable Evita. I am sure you were just wondering why I was smiling the way I did...lol

    Keep being amazing and hope to met with you again soon.



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