How To Use and Enjoy Pinterest - A Beginner's Guide

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Hello darlings and welcome to June! It's midyear already and I'm having a bit of mixed feelings. How's the year been so far for you? I recently started intense tailoring/sewing lessons and I can't wait to share my work with you guys.

Today, I'm going to shed more light on Pinterest for those who don't understand what it's all about. Consider this a beginner's guide.

I came across Pinterest for the first time some 5 years ago but then it looked too complicated and I quickly ditched it. Turned out that I was missing out on something really amazing. Last year, I came across this app again and I wasn't going to let go. I instantly downloaded it via Google Play store and today, I can say it's my number 1 favourite app(sorry IG and Twitter)

Now, what is so special about Pinterest? Best believe I'm not hyping it.  Before I get into details, let me explain the whole concept of Pinterest. The name itself says it all. PIN-(I)NTEREST. How? Keep reading.

On login, the app asks you what your interests are and provides you with a series of suggestions ranging from Fashion, sports, hair, cars, business, finance management, home decor, DIY, makeup, etc. After making your choice, your timeline appears with images which are linked to websites where you can get more information, based on your selections. So how do you save them? You have options of liking, saving to your device and pinning on a board. What's a board here?

A board is where you literally pin the images you like so people who share similar interests with you, can discover, share and connect with you. PIN-INTEREST! That's it! You're pinning your interests on a board. Now, you can go ahead and name your boards according to your interests. For me there's a 'Funny' board, 'Sewing' board, 'Nails' board etc.

I named my fashion board 'Everything Fashion'. When I first downloaded the app, I named it 'Evita' but nobody searching for fashion related ideas would type in 'Evita' in the search box. The aim is to use keywords such as 'Style', 'Fashion tips' and words relating to fashion, to make your board easily accessible and discovered. Presently, I have about 13 boards with my varying interests. Check them here.

I've had a few people ask me how I understand Pinterest and what it's all about, that's why I decided to put up this post to help others out there. It's also a great platform for bloggers and other business owners to promote their brands but that's a post for later.

I hope this was helpful and easy to understand? If you are on Pinterest already, when did you first learn about it and how has your experience been so far? I'd love to hear from you in the comment's section. 

Have an awesome June!

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I'll be back soon.

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  1. I think Pinterest is a great tool to serve you some inspiration. I don't use it often but whenever I'm feeling uninspired, it is my go-to place. Still haven't really figured it out but a lot bloggers swear by it and say it increases their blog traffic. And happy new month, see how the year is just flying by. I'm looking forward to seeing your work and hoping to resume my sewing lessons once I get a machine.

    Princess Audu

  2. Hi Sarah! I think I've figured out how it works for blog traffic. I'll share when I'm done with my little research.

    Talk about sewing machines, they're quite expensive these days.(45,000 naira and above) But its worth every kobo.

    Thanks a lot for stopping by. Your comment is appreciated.😊


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