Styling a Pleated Skirt

9:51:00 am

Hey lovelies! May is almost over and I'm so relieved! Like, you can't imagine. All glory and thanks to God. I'm just really happy that I've been considerably consistent and hope it stays that way.

It's children's day here in Nigeria so Happy Children's Day to all my Naija people. It also saddens my heart when I remember the children who lost their lives due to a terror attack in Manchester after Ariana Grande's concert. May their souls rest in peace. It makes me wonder where the world's headed to.

About today's outfit, I've had a thing for pleated skirts even before it became a trend. I had/have quite a few in my wardrobe and I particularly love this one styled on the blog today. I got this skirt at a thrift shop back in Osun state during my NYSC. I couldn't wear it at the time because it wasn't my exact size which made me decide to keep it till whenever my body agreed to add some more!

We all know black goes with anything so I decided to pair the skirt with my 'COCO' inscribed sweatshirt because of the black and red combo already on it. Then I finished up the look with a pair of fluffy red heels. I think a pair of white sneakers would also work with it. You know how primary colours mix well. I tend to tilt towards long sleeved tops and shirts not minding the weather here in Nigeria. Reason why my sleeves are always rolled up most of the time. The heat can't stop!

Pleated skirts are playful and fun and I'm still on the look out for one with metallic print as seen here.

As we cross over into June, I pray we all get to realize our goals and strike a lot of things off our to-do lists.

If you missed my last post you can read it here.

See you soon and enjoy the long weekend!

xx, Evita.

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  1. I love the look..especially the shoes..a win!

  2. You rocked the skirt...

    1. Thanks Sheila! Its good to have you here 😃


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