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Hello beautiful people! How's everything going? Hope all is well with you and yours. I'm doing good and not so much has been happening. I was stuck somewhere in my head but then, I'm not letting all that funk weigh me down. I blanked out(not in the crazy for a few days and now I'm back!

I've realized that sometimes, it's okay to hide away in our shells. Let's look at it from this angle. Most of us have been alive for the past 2 decades+ and more than half of these years were spent in schools at different levels. Now we're done with school (for now at least) and we're all about work and business. Our brains are constantly brewing new ideas, keeping dates, trying to keep up with friends, commitments and so many other things. Then one day you wake up and you're blank. Like your brain pressed the pause button and you're just floating around.

This has happened to me twice before and the first time, I fought it so hard because I thought I was losing it. It was as if my brain had strayed and I was lost somewhere.

It happened a second time and I let it be this time. To 'blank out' in this regard doesn't necessarily mean having selective memory where you choose to forget/ignore somethings/persons or that one is going insane. It can also be a time for retreat/renewal.

This time around, I let it run its course and when it ended, I picked up a few lessons from it;

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  • Retreat! For us Christians, you know we have periods of retreat where we go into some sort of seclusion and go into deep soul searching and meditation, trying to find our paths once more and get back on track. So it doesn't necessarily mean something is wrong, it's a mental relaxation process which is very much needed. Mental health is paramount.

  • Your brain needs a break every now and then. Yes, that's why we have holidays after each term/semester in school and leave/vacation from work. Although, these focus more on physical relaxation, this is more of a mental vacation. Relax, it doesn't mean that you're going crazy just like I thought at first. 

  • It lets you appreciate your being, nature and also, be less judgmental. It reminds me that its okay to be human, flaws and all. 

  • God is enough. Amidst all the drama and whatnot, you realize that there's only one thing that really matters, and that's your relationship with God. It's a time to evaluate all other relationships in your life and put things in perspective once again.

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  • It's okay to be alone sometimes. This gives you time to know yourself more and be a better version of YOU.

  • And no, It's not depression. At first I asked myself if I was depressed and googled a lot about depression and it appeared I was sound. It's not that deep yo. 

That's about it guys. It's okay to shut out the world sometimes. It doesn't mean you're upset or depressed. We all need to give it a rest once in a while. Our mental health is as important as our physical health and should be given the much needed attention as well. 

Until my next post, stay happy and well.
xo, Evita.

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  1. I love the part that said it okey to be alone sometimes that always have been going on my mind when I'm actually thinking too much thanks for the post you are always inspire Gob bless you

    1. Awww, thanks hun. I'm glad this inspired you. God bless you too!


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