Fingernails Palaver

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“Are those your natural nails?” This is often a conversation starter whenever I’m in the salon making my hair. When I reply “Yes”, sometimes it’s met with admiration and other times, I get replies like, “Wow! They don’t break off easily?" Some go as far as touching them (to also confirm if they're really!) and they're amazed at how strong the nails are.

Early last year, I met a lady in her mid-40s at my former place of work and she asked the usual question. I gave the usual reply. Then she asked if I washed clothes and cooked. At this point I was getting irritated but I still answered her politely. She kept going on about how my nails were too long but I ignored her.

Thinking about it a year later, I particularly like the fact that she voiced out her thoughts albeit unnecessary and rude. It gave me something to ponder on which has turned out to be this post. Now, because I choose to grow and groom my fingernails means that I’m not domesticated enough? Does it mean I’m incapable of carrying out chores in my home? Does it signify laziness of some sort?

It’s just like asking a lady if she can cook just because she’s all decked up and clad in makeup. I recall seeing a tweet as regards this and someone replied, “So I should carry vegetables and meat on my head before you’ll know that I can cook?”

I like to groom my fingernails. I enjoy cooking. I know how to care for my nails and keep them clean. I am not my fingernails.

As much as I love long nails, I know it’s a no-no for nursing mothers and anyone who’s into healthcare. And last time I checked, I don’t belong in any of those categories (at least not yet for the former)

I’m a strong advocate for moderation when it comes to fashion. But then, everybody can’t be like me. If someone chooses to dye their whole hair red doesn’t mean he/she is a bad person. It’s just a form of self-expression. Remember that thing they say about not judging a book by its cover?

Have you ever been judged because of your style preferences? Be it your hair, nails, piercings and accessories? Please feel free to leave me your comments below.

I wish you the very best of May and do enjoy the rest of your week.


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