Internet Sabbath

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Sabbath- Sunday observed among Christians as a day of rest and worship or a time of rest.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we had one day set aside where everyone drops their mobile phones, tablets and laptops and just stay off the internet?  Wishful thinking...

It seems like our lives are now so embedded in these various devices and we can’t live without them. Hungry? You can order food via the internet. Need new shoes and clothes? There are hundreds of online stores where you can shop through your computer/phone screens. The list is endless. It gets worse when we fail to recognize the presence of people around us because we’re so caught up in this virtual reality.  

A short while ago, I carried out an experiment on myself. Here’s what I did;
My internet subscription had expired during the weekend and I decided not to renew it that very day. In all honesty, I enjoyed it. My phone sat quietly on my bed, no notifications, no blinking lights and viberations. It was peaceful. I had time to finish a book I had been reading for almost a month, I noticed some little changes around my house and I really paid attention to my nieces when they were talking to me. 

This made me realize how caught up I had been in my virtual world. Most times, I'm either reading one blog or the other, going through Instagram or Pinterest and what seems like 30 minutes online, turns out to be 3 hours. 

Most times, it feels like we can't do without some certain things when in fact we can! It's a matter of self discipline and constraint. Once in a week I turn off my internet connection. I stay off Instagram, Pinterest, Google, my blog and other blogs throughout that day. I call it my internet sabbath. I don't have a particular day for doing this but I make sure it's done every week. And I can say this has really helped.

Declaring a worldwide internet sabbath would definitely be impossible but individually, it's something we can all do. The rate of road accidents would decrease, more relationships would be saved, people would actually get to interact face to face and be attentive...the list goes on.

Choose one day in the week, turn off your mobile data/WiFi connection and LIVE.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. 

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Enjoy the rest of your week.

xx, Evita.

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