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The debate about the "front seat" has been on going for a while now especially on social media. Recently, I came across some tweets about an issue concerning who should sit in front. "Which front seat?" You may be wondering. I'm referring to the passenger seat in a car. The seat next to the driver. The FRONT SEAT.
Picture this scenario; a lady, her husband and mother in law are getting set to attend a wedding ceremony. "Baby! We're ready o!" Mummy is already outside waiting." She replies, "My love I'll be out in a second!" She quickly adjusts her gele, sprays perfume, takes one last look at her face in the mirror(the brows must be on fleek*wink*) She smiles. Then she steps into her Steve Madden shoes, picks up her clutch and dashes out of the room. Beaming and "feeling herself", she elegantly steps out and sees her husband with a frown on his face, before he can utter any word, she winks at him and blows a kiss. She goes closer and whispers, "I'm sorry na, You know I have to rep you well." He smiles. "Where is mummy?" She asks. He tilts his head towards the direction of the car, she turns to take a look and sees "mummy" sitting in front. Her smile vanished and she glanced back at her husband,an obvious question on her face. He knew what she meant. And "mummy" is this sort of Patience Ozokwor and Franca Brown type of mother in law. What happens next? You must be imagining different outcomes by now.
Should her husband tell his mother to sit at the back? Should wifey just sit gently at the back and frown her face all through the drive? Or should she take a cab and meet them up at the venue? This scenario can take up different forms. Imagine husband and wife vs. Husband's best friend. Husband and wife vs. Husband's siblings. Husband and wife vs. Husband's uncle or aunt.
Now, let me pose these philosophical questions (lol!) Who really owns the front seat? Whose rightful position is it? Who should dictate who sits at the front? What's the fuss about the front seat anyway? Why is it that when a hired driver is to drive some people they would suddenly find refuge at the back seat? I've also noticed this issue about sitting positions in different places. In church, there are some certain people that ALWAYS sit at the front every Sunday and they even have definite positions on the seat. In my university days, there was a particular set of people that always sat at the front seat from year 1 to year 4. What is it about front seats? Does it assert a feeling of importance to those who sit on it? Does it mean you're distinguished from the popular backbenchers and those who sit at the middle?  What exactly is it?
Back to the story. What should wifey do? Should she just sit quietly at the back? Or should hubby tell "mummy" to go back? Hmmm! As for me, if I were in wifey's shoes, I would enjoy the ride at the back seat. After all, before me she was. BUT next time, I would make sure I'm the first to get into the car, even if it means me getting my brows done in there :D  I love reading your comments. Please share your thoughts with me. :)
xo, Evita.

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  1. Hmmm...its tough ooo...but like you said I will always enter the car first even if I start making up from will sit in the front to make up to avoid any confrontation with "mother in law" cos sometimes their actions can be deliberate

    1. Lol! Exactly! It might just be deliberate on her part.


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