Where Is Patience?

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PATIENCE,not the former first Lady of Nigeria,but patience, the virtue. Patience is something that most of us of this generation lack. Where are we always rushing to? Have you noticed some people when they're waiting for elevators? They continually push the buttons like that would make the elevator move faster. "Oh! I have an important meeting to catch up with in 15 minutes", "Please hurry up, I have to meet up with someone in 30 minutes..." These and others are popular phrases we say every other day to show a bit of our impatience. I know some of you are already saying " Time na money o"(time is money) Yes, I am aware but do we have to always be in a rush? I am not here to lecture you but to make a few suggestions as to have a little of this beautiful virtue, Patience.
Some days ago, my Dad was telling me about how slow and tedious the banking system in Nigeria was back then in the 70s and 80s. People stayed in queues for about 3-5 hours just to make simple transactions. Some people go as far as bringing "mats" to the banking hall so they can "chill" for their turn. I laugh. I cannot imagine myself in this type of situation because I'll literally lose my mind. Impatience alert!! Can you compare this with the banking situation now? Yet most of us cannot bear to stay in queues for 30 minutes. Yes, I know we are busy, we have commitments. But can we take a 10 minutes breather for once? Life is so much easier now in the sense that we have most things at our fingertips. There are the ATM machines, POS systems, our smart phones,tablets and PCs. These are supposed to make us calm down a bit don't you think?. Ok. Let's leave the banking sector now(shout out to all the bankers and accountants in the house!) Sometimes we are even in a hurry when in God's house. Yeah. Let me not dive into this because I won't finish. I know you understand what I'm talking about.
All I'm saying is take a break, take it slow. It's life, nobody gets out alive anyway(scary) So here are a few tips to achieve patience;
1) Try to figure out why you're in such a hurry.
2) Pinpoint the triggers that often influence you to lose ur patience.
3) Overcome bouts of impatience- relax, take a few deep breaths just to clear your mind.
4) Remind yourself that things take time.
5) Remember what matters.
Let me leave you with this poem and I hope you do find patience.
"Patience is a virtue not owned by many
Only when you pause do you see things for how they truly are,
Only when you wait can you allow the universe to guide you to where you need to be,
Only with time can you heal and grow,
Be patient for it is a virtue worth owning."

Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership of the image used in this post. It was sourced from Google.

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