Welcome To My Little Space.

11:27:00 am

Ok, this is my first blog post ever and I just want to say a big welcome to everyone visiting. I'm yet to set the template and layouts to my taste and to your viewing satisfaction as well. So permit me this one post.lol!
As most of you already know, my name is Ogochukwu or Evita. Some of you know me as Agnes.hehehehe!! All join *in Warri accent* anyone you choose to call me, I'll answer.
Once again, welcome to Evita Speaks. I'll be talking about a lot of things, ranging from my ideas,thoughts about society,challenging the norms, my style (I love fashion), books and everything else that attracts my attention. So please stay tuned and I'll be back very soon with my official first blog post! :D xoxo

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